Velocette Viper for sale
Velocette Viper £6950
1958 Year 350cc Single Thumper, Beautiful
Lovely classic Velo, Nickel plated mudguards, very sweet engine. Easy starting bike, not like most of them - the usual Velocette starting procedure is: Confess your sins, scratch your left ear once, wear red socks, tickle carb (not too much), kick over twice (gently), mutter 2 Hail Mary's, look for a black cat, close your eyes and kick like a bastard. Attempt 3 times, stuff it and get the car out.
Additional Information:
Make & Model   Velocette Viper
Year & Registration:   1958
Engine Size & Type:   350cc Single
Mileage:   A few
Colour:   Velocette Black
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