Bugad Classic Bikes - Yamaha RD250LC twin for sale
Yamaha RD250LC SOLD
1981 Reg 250cc Engine Rebuilt, 2 Stroke Fun!
This is the bike that pulled the birds back in 1981. Fact. Unless you were fat and/or gay, you wanted one of these. Fact. If you had one, you were cool. Fact. I never owned one in 1981, therefore I was not cool. Fact. I now own one, I am now cool. Fact. You can buy it and become cool. Fact. Banned by the Kioto agreement for causing too much smoke. Nearly Fact. Banned by boring bastards for being 2 stroke and laying down smoke and rubber. You need one.
Additional Information:
Make & Model   Yamaha-go-fasta 250
Year & Registration:   1981
Engine Size & Type:   250cc Twin Smoker
Mileage:   Who cares?
Colour:   White
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