BSA B31 Plunger for sale
BSA B31 Plunger £4750
1953 Reg 350cc BSA Single, 350cc, Plunger Frame
Single cylinder 350 thumper, fully restored, beautiful and ready to go. Someone has spent more money on this bike than they spent on the wife, ...MORE
Full Details and Photos
BSA M21 600cc for sale
BSA M21 600cc SOLD
1961 Reg 600cc 4 Stroke, Thumper, Original
Probably one of the most popular models used for hauling side cars around, in the past often seen with wife, dog and kids in the box, poor buggers ...MORE
Full Details and Photos
BSA C15 Project for sale
BSA C15 250cc £2250
1967 Reg 250cc, Project, Ride or Restore
Unfinished project, all complete and has a current V5 log book. The C15 was the bike you learnt to ride on, passed your test and then threw over .....MORE
Full Details and Photos
Honda CD90X for sale
Honda CD90X £1850
1970 Reg 90cc 4 Stroke, Single, Classic Jap
Lovely example of the CD90, starts and rides very well, becoming very sought after, as it's a little different to the old step-thru C90. These old Hondas ...MORE
Full Details and Photos
Moto Guzzi EV California for sale
Moto Guzzi £2450
2001 Reg 1100cc V Twin,
EV California, Shaft drive
Typical Italian old girl, they start off all lovely and spritely, but by the time they are this old they have big old side boobs, take a while to warm up, ...MORE
Full Details and Photos
Triumph T120 Bonneville 650cc for sale
Triumph T120 £7500
1967 Reg 650cc, Bonneville, Alloys, Twin Leading Shoe
An easy entry to Bonneville ownership, a lot cheaper than the concourse models around, this one has alloy rims and needs a few stickers and some minor ...MORE
Full Details and Photos
Yamaha RD250LC for sale
Yamaha RD250 LC £3250
1981 Reg 250cc 2 Stroke, Engine Rebuilt, Classic Jap
This is the bike that pulled the birds back in 1981. Fact. Unless you were fat and/or gay, you wanted one of these. Fact. If you had one, you were cool ...MORE
Full Details and Photos
BSA B31 for sale
BSA B31 350cc £4550
1954 Reg 350cc Single Plunger, Thumper
Another lovely bike, in a favourite colour, plunger frame model, very popular now and better investment than the Bank. Fast enough to keep up with traffic ...MORE
Full Details and Photos
Honda CD175 for sale
Honda CD175 £1850
1973 Reg 175cc 4 Stroke, Twin, Classic Jap
One of Mr Honda's more popular models, I reckon he made a few thousand of these, good solid commuter bikes of the 70's. The performance was ....MORE
Full Details and Photos
Lambretta Li150 for sale
Lambretta Li150 £3950
1960 Reg 150cc Lambretta Li150 S2, Innocenti
Superb example of this Italian Innocenti scooter, the Quadrophenia craze continues! Double seat model with spare on the rack, restored ....MORE
Full Details and Photos
Triumph 5T Speed Twin for sale
Triumph 5T £10950
1947 Reg 500cc, Speed Twin, 5T, Rigid Frame, Original
Cracking example of the Speed Twin, very popular with collectors and a great investment, these early pre-units are in demand. Simple bike to run, the power ...MORE
Full Details and Photos
AJS 18S 500cc for sale
AJS 18S 500cc £4250
1954 Reg 500cc, 18S, Jampot model, Engine rebuilt
Single cylinder 500 thumper, recent engine rebuild needs running in. This old girl looks like my granny, a bit wrinkly and her make-up is fading ...MORE
Full Details and Photos
Honda CX500 for sale
Honda CX500 £2000
1981 Reg 500cc Honda CX500, V-Twin, Shaft Drive
Work horse of the late seventies, very popular with the bike couriers in London at the time, currently viewed as a reliable classic with electric ....MORE
Full Details and Photos
BSA A65, early model
BSA A65 Twin £3850
1964 Reg 650cc A65 Twin, With Buff Log Book
Very early A65, one of the first after the A10, Chrono speedo, runs lovely and is fairly unspoilt. Very usable classic. The unit 650 was supposed to ..MORE
Full Details and Photos
BSA C11g for sale
BSA C11G £1950
1955 Reg 250cc, Project, Original Reg, Complete Bike
Unfinished project, ready for a new home, comes with current V5 and old buff log book. Some of the work is done, some needs finishing. Becoming ...MORE
Full Details and Photos
Honda CB900 For Sale
Honda CB900F £2500
1979 Reg 900cc Four, Muscle Bike
The big muscle bike of the late 70's photos and details later this week.
Suzuki GT380 for sale
Suzuki GT380 £4250
1978, Red, 3 Cylinder,
2 Stroke, Lovely Engine
Extremely nice example of the smoking two strokes that we all had back in the early Eighties. Three pots and four silencers, only Suzuki can explain that ...MORE
Full Details and Photos
Coming Soon for sale!
Triumph 3TA POA
1971, Dutch Army - Twin, Army Green
Just in, photos and full description to follow, shortly.
Coming Soon for sale!
BSA Firebird POA
1969, 650cc, Twin, Project, Basket Case
Just in, photos and full description to follow, shortly.
Coming Soon for sale!
Ariel FH650 Trials POA
1958 650cc, Trials Trim, Loud'n'Proud
Just in, photos and full description to follow, shortly.
Coming Soon for sale!
Harley Davidson £5500
1991 Reg 1340cc, Fat Boy Styling, Belt Drive.
Just in, photos and full description to follow, shortly.
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